Be visible! Develop your media skills!

Title of the project: Be visible! Develop your media skills!

Project coordinator: Backslash, Spain

Total budget: 16.578 €

Kind of project: Training course

Project Description:

Currently, in Europe, there is a need to increase awareness of the importance of the work on youth and non-formal education, as well as ways to attract more young people to volunteer activities. In most countries, these needs are addressed by youth associations. These associations get most of their energies and resources on their shares and invest limited resources in building communication strategies and visibility.

The overall project objective was to train members of boards of non-profit associations, workers on youth and volunteers from associations, in order to create visibility for their organization, their ideas and projects to raise awareness the community about their actions. Through this project, they are intended to achieve the following objectives:

1. Provide specific skills that enable participants to project the image of their organizations and create a communication strategy in their organizations

2. Explore the ways in which non-formal education and voluntary activities can best be promoted in the local community of the participants and put on face value to the general public the importance of these actions, in order to attract more young people to volunteer activities, and receive support from the institutions.

3. Raise awareness and communication strategies aimed at the general public on what the work on youth and the role of the worker in the field of youth in the development process of young people.

The 24 participants benefited from this knowledge through based on non-formal education activities as a framework methodology.

The impact was visible in the short-term impact of the project on social networks and on the websites of the different partners. Also, it tracked to have accurate results and short and long-term benefits.

The project took place in Valencia from 22 to 28 November 2016, with seven partner organizations from these countries: Spain, Romania, Cyprus, Croatia, Turkey, Lithuania and Italy.