Entrepreneurship Department

The Entrepreneurship Department of Backslash works on projects and activities related to these topics:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Career Orientation
  • Mentoring
  • Active youth participation

During these years, we developed methodologies to promote entrepreneurship among youth and in collectives at risk of exclusion. Our collaboration with public authorities ensures the reach of our projects and the implementation of the materials created.

To promote the economic growth of the Region, we have cooperation agreements with the University of Valencia in order to mentor their students through internships in the organization. Furthermore, Backslash is an accredited hosting organization for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’ EU Programme, where we help new entrepreneurs plan and grow their businesses through mentoring.

As entrepreneurship is not only economic growth, we also promote the active participation of youth as a process of empowerment, expression and inclusion in the society.

The department has also a lot of experience in the use of IT tools applied to entrepreneurship, creating online learning courses (VOCCESS learning course) and coordinating the creation of mobile applications (VOCCESS Career Orientation App).

The department has participated in projects under the EU Programmes Erasmus+ and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs:

Programme Name of the project Reference
Erasmus+ KA105 Youth employment through self-awareness 2020-2-ES02-KA105-015558
Erasmus+ KA205 Supporting Youth Development with Tennis and Career Oriented Approach 2019-2-TR01-KA205-078810
Erasmus+ KA105 Echoes of youth 2019-2-IT03-KA105-016603
Erasmus+ KA205 In Touch – Promotion of Entrepreneurship among people with disabilities 2019-1-UK01-KA205-061330
Erasmus+ KA105 E4C (Entrepreneurship 4 Change) 2019-1-MT01-KA105-051104
Erasmus+ KA205 TRY2 – Televised Youth Revolution 2018-3-PL01-KA205-061207
Erasmus+ KA2 Eastern Partnership Dream, Believe, Achieve – Entrepreneurial guidance for youth 602259-EPP-1-2018-1-AM-EPPKA2-CBY-EP-PE
Erasmus+ KA205 VOCCESS Online (Vocational Success) 2018-2-ES02-KA205-011531
Erasmus+ KA105 Empowering Youth for Entrepreneurship under Social Inclusion Perspective 2017-3-PT02-KA105-004712
Erasmus+ KA105 Empowering Youth Workers for Entrepreneurship under Social Inclusion Perspective 2017-3-PT02-KA105-004711
Erasmus+ KA105 NET→WORK – NETWORKING with Non-formal Education Targeting WORK 2017-3-MT01-KA105-038338
Erasmus+ KA205 SENTYR (Self-Awareness and Entrepreneurship of Youth at Risk) 2017-2-BG01-KA205-036500
Erasmus+ KA105 Improve Yourself 2017-2-CY02-KA105-001059
Erasmus+ KA105 EnhancIng socIal entrepreneurshIp skIlls by non-formal educatIon FOR SUSTAINABLE network In EU 2016-3-TR01-KA105-036842
Erasmus+ KA105 Youth Inclusive Entrepreneurship Exchange 2016-3-PT02-KA105-003750
Erasmus+ KA105 VOLUNTEER! GET BETTER – MAKE BETTER 2016-1-TR01-KA105-027102