Environmental Department

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” —Leo Tolstoy

In 2016, BACKSLASH opened its environmental department, following the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of the United Nations. Through the environmental department, Backslash wants to make every activity more sustainable, aligning itself with principles such as recycling, reducing, reusing, protecting nature, among others.

We believe in environmental values ​​as something that should be transversal to all other topics because it is the key to continue keeping the world as we know it. The importance of raising awareness and sharing knowledge about the environment, as well as understanding the role we humans play in its equilibrium, are essential to be able to build a green horizon and committed citizenship.

International projects build bridges among different realities and bring European environmental policies closer to the reality of young people, guaranteeing their assimilation of the principles of sustainability and environmentalism for their daily lives and for their future.

The team is composed of people coming from the field of environmental sciences, and works on the following topics:

  • Environment Protection
  • Climate
  • Sustainability
  • Circular Economy
  • Environmental education
ProgrammeName of the projectReference
Erasmus+ KA205Climate Youth2020-1-CY02-KA205-001782
Erasmus+ KA105EcoTur Monte2019-3-PT02-KA105-006317
Erasmus+ KA105First, Save The Life2019-2-TR01-KA105-078009
Erasmus+ KA105Save Nature2019-1-SE02-KA105-002406
Erasmus+ KA105Be Conscious, Move On2018-3-TR01-KA105-061118
Erasmus+ KA105 - EVSSchool for sustainability2016-3-HR01-KA105-034824
Erasmus+ KA105 - EVSSmall community, big diversity2016-2-HR01-KA105-022267
Erasmus+ KA1053R - No time to lose! Reduce, recycle, reuse2016-2-EL02-KA105-002336
Erasmus+ KA105Long term training course on outdooreducation: On the way to learn2016-1-BE05-KA105-001876