BITE of Art project coordination team from Slovenia, Serbia and Spain gathered in Valencia from 4th to 8th of November, working on ensuring smooth implementation of activities that strive to bring innovative practices into work of cultural operators, shaping a path of mainstreaming contemporary art among young citizens. The meeting was hosted by the partner organizations from Valencia – Consortium of Museums of the Valencian Region and NGO Backslash. This event was welcomed by the director of “El Carmen” Center of Contemporary Culture, who addressed the importance of innovation and openness toward community for developing a new audience of contemporary art and achieving economic sustainability, driven from their experience.

The meeting involved defining of technical procedures for the project implementation, as well as analysis of the current state of play in contemporary art in Europe and development of the basic structure of the innovative BITE of Art communication model. On that road, partners have discussed to implementation of the evidence-based surveys among cultural operators and youth, that will serve for accurate shaping of the BITE communication model and sketch how to ensure the biggest impact of the BITE content on the contemporary art events around Europe.

Meeting the Director of the CCCC

BITE of Art project aims to empower cultural operators with modern marketing, business, ICT and communication expertise in combination with innovative contemporary art events and performances, creating a comprehensive package which aims to redefine approach of contemporary art to the market in its core, targeting and busting young people as a new audience of contemporary art.

The BITE of Art project is supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, ranked as the top 1 in Europe out of 285 applications in 2019.

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