Programme : Erasmus+ Youth and Sport – COVID – Strategic partnership for creativity in the youth field

Year : 2021

Duration : 24 months

Budget : 241k€

Leader : Musiques de Nuit (Le Rocher de Palmer) – France 

Partners :

Creative Invisibles is a European cooperation project that provides tools for identifying and mobilising NEETs and young people ‘invisible’ through creativity.

Invisibles are young people who are not on the radar of social welfare and employment services, vocational training, educational services (formal or informal) and local authorities.

Difficult to identify, we know that their numbers will increase exponentially during the COVID crisis we are going through.

These young people have cultural practices, which we will call here “street culture”, that which is outside the “cultural institutions” and which brings together cultural and creative activities, sports and food: urban music, urban dance, street sports (parking, skateboarding, basketball…), street art, street food, fashion, creative digital practices associated with these activities.

The world of culture, the social world and the world of work have experienced fractures caused by the institutionalisation of these different sectors. Today, these partners need to recreate common practices to support the exit from the crisis.

This challenge responds to at least two needs:
– The need for the creative sector to deploy new strategies: identifying and cooperating with new audiences, communities and networks.
– The need for young and invisible NEETs to find non-institutional ways to develop their projects, initiatives and enterprises.

Our project is designed by 7 organisations active at European level, in the youth sector at complementary scales:
– Le Rocher de Palmer (MDN)- FR and Imal (Kontrapunkt)- DE have been working for decades to identify young people who are invisible in the most complex urban spaces, to fight against exclusion and to combat school drop-out by developing collaborative projects between young people and creative people.
– LABA- FR and Materahub- IT are building inclusive projects for the valorisation of the territory (tourism, spatial planning, participative projects). They develop these projects that include young inhabitants, in collaboration with local and regional authorities.
– Backslash-ES and Momentum Consulting-IR support young people’s projects by proposing tools to support initiative and entrepreneurship. These tools are alternative to the classical tools of vocational training.
– EUEI-DK, online training specialist

During the COVID crisis, these partners fought to keep the link, to continue their work with young people by proposing new formats of support to respond to emergencies. They observed and identified a number of more or less successful initiatives. Faced with the urgency and crying needs of young people, they wish to gather and share these experiences and develop the following resources for the creative sector working or wishing to work with these audiences.

This project is aimed at professionals in the creative sector who work with young people (target audience) and young people (beneficiaries) in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Danish. It aims to renew professional practices in the creative sector and to participate in the renewal of the public and communities in this sector.

It offers a cross-cutting approach, involving the social, creative and professional sectors, and provides transferable resources for the development of the skills of creative professionals:
– IO1: Opportunities in Street Culture Resource Pack which includes :
>> A good practice guide on the identification of the invisible, and elements for their participation in cultural and creative actions.
>> The identification of remarkable initiatives during the COVID period and their analysis (what works, what doesn’t work with young people)
– IO2: A methodological guide on the conduct of creative alliances (local authorities / young people / creative sector / social sector) and actions in terms of territorial development policy, planning, events integrating young people in territorial projects.
This programme contributes to the valorisation of ‘street culture’ and its inclusive dimension (field of experimentation, innovation and initiative for young people).
– IO3 Open educational resources on Street culture :
At the heart of a new model for training creative actors, the resources include a first-ever dedicated curriculum, learning objectives and assessment ideas, a trainer’s guide and activity suggestions, and interactive multimedia content for teaching and learning.
– IO4: App. Creative invisibles
This application will offer accessible spaces and an intuitive organisation of the data collected in IO1, IO2, IO3.
It is aimed at creative actors and young people.

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  • Domaines d’intervention: Éducation, Jeunesse

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