Europeans Against Fake News Slovenia

The event gathered a diverse group of youth educators, young people, and media and policy activists to engage them in a creative exploration of how fake news is formed and disseminated in digital spaces. Besides that, they worked on building media literacy and critical thinking skills that can help young people to detect and deconstruct fake news. This was all done through a series of interactive workshops and living libraries prepared by our youth educators, trainers and media and policy experts.

As during the previous EAF event,  fake news within 4 thematic units were addressed:

  1. Climate Cha(lle)nge
  2. Migration – the hometown of disinformation
  3. Euroscepticism as a democratic barrier
  4. Fundamental rights in the time of COVID-19

The main product of the EAF Slovenia is a set of engaging and creative flash mob performances. These flash mobs serve to raise awareness about the dangers of spreading fake news online. The flash mobs were performed on several bussy locations around Ljubljana from December 2023 to February 2024, ensuring that a large number of citizens got a chance to join a debate on online disinformation and how  its negative impact can be minimized.

Stay tuned and keep following the project Europeans Against Fake News as more engaging events are to come soon!

The project Europeans Against Fake News is co-funded by the European Union.

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