Valorisation of local historical sources

The MapEUrHistory project was born out of the awareness of the importance of training the next generation of professionals in the field of European Historical Digital Maps, with the specific objective of creating a permanent platform, equipped with innovative and digital tools, for teachers and school staff in secondary schools.

During the development of this project we have generated different resources to foster the knowledge of microhistory among young people. With these resources we have created a toolkit, which has been carefully designed to offer detailed guidance, complementary resources and effective strategies that allow you to immerse yourself in local and individual stories.

We hope that this toolkit will inspire curiosity, spark interest and encourage reflection among young people. We firmly believe that microhistory opens a unique window into understanding our past, and this Toolkit is the perfect starting point for exploring it.

Another of the actions we have done has been to apply the resources we have generated for the Toolkit, we did a first session with teachers from different schools to explain the project and how they should use the toolkit in the classroom.

Finally, we had the opportunity to have some sessions with the students of the schools with which we made the first contact, and we generated two files of microhistories: one about the village of Benimaclet and the other about the village of Algemesí.

The pupils compiled local histories, festivals, culture, emblematic buildings, illustrious people of the town… and generated a cataloguing card. With these cards they created a digital map with all the marked points that they sent to their classmates from other classes so that they could use it and visit their town with the information they collected.

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